Field Survival Skills: How To Determine The Direction

When you are lost in the wild, don’t panic, but stop immediately, always calmly recall the road you have traveled, find ways to re-orient the direction according to all possible signs, and then look for the road. The most reliable method is to “get lost” and return to the original place of departure. After the mountain is lost, you should first ascend to the distance and judge where you should

Methods And Guide For Finding Water, Fire And Medicine In The Wild

Methods and guide for finding water, fire and medicine in the wild, it is very difficult for a person to get out of the fire and it takes a long time. It is not easy to choose materials, it is almost impossible to drill a fire with fresh, water-containing wood unless you have the speed of a drill. It’s best to divide it into a grassland desert forest wetland. People

How To Deal With The Wild Difficulties And Injuries Encountered

How to deal with the wild difficulties and injuries encountered, so generally don’t dig, don’t just dig your knees and give up, physical strength is very valuable, don’t rush after you find the surface water. If it is live water, there may be crabs or shrimps under the stones in the shallow water, but the fishing should not be too persistent. I recommend drilling wood for fire, but it is

Essential Tools, Food And Self-Protection Weapons For Wild Survival

Essential tools, food and self-protection weapons for wild survival, when you are starving to death, you can try to eat less… Always better than starvation. How to find water can be seen in many textbooks, that is to see the growth of vegetation or animal footprints. Among them, the animal footprints are best to give up, it is better to find a place. It is best to find surface water,

Learn The Basic Skills Of Survival In The Wild, Essentials Manual

Learn the basic skills of survival in the wild, essentials manual, because some things are not poisonous birds, poisoning you. I want to know what traces the fruit of the bird has eaten, throw a piece of melon skin and give the chicken a few mouthfuls to take it and see it, it is very easy to distinguish. Also, many wild fruits are juiced, and the wild fruits that flow